Why Choose Us

Learn about us, meet our team and how we got here.

Our Vision

The Lifestyle Finance Australia Visison is to make finance fun and make dreams come true!
We partner with great leaders and help them amplify their impact, so we can raise consciousness as a collective and raise the standard of living for all!
We endeavour to positively change the fundamental relationship people have with finance, how they think about it, how they feel about it and how they use it!
We’re real people, just like you and we’re on your side!

Our Mission

Is to make you love using other people money, as much as we love using other people’s money to do great things in life!
We want to want to flip the status quo in the finance space by making it fun, refreshing, inspiring and EASY!!!
This is why we are your one stop shop for all your financing and investing needs – and when we say ALL, we mean it!!!!!
If it can be financed, we do it!!
We do whatever it takes to find you the funds to make your dreams a reality, because your dreams matter to us as much as they matter to you!
To show we’re real people, just like you and we’re on your side!

Meet Our Team

Kelly Bowen – Director

Hi, I’m Kelly, Director of Lifestyle Finance Aus and this is how I ended up owning a finance brokerage.

My journey into Finance was more of a ‘right time, right place’ situation than a deliberate path, as I was a broke Health Coach at the time, desperately needing to do something about my financial situation.

My true passion for finance and what is now Lifestyle Finance Aus didn’t come until much later.

It came to full intensity the moment I realised I could use Personal Loan Finance to create mass impact in the world by aligning with some of the most influential thought leaders of our time, by helping them get paid in full for their programs and services from day 1.

This was the turning point and Lifestyle Finance Aus’s primary focus became about using Personal Loan Finance to fund education & personal development programs.

From this moment I have made it my personal mission to help leaders amplify their message and have their work be more accessible and affordable to their clients than ever before.

We currently support over 50 epic Game Changers and this number grows every day.

As Lifestyle Finance Aus was birth from traditional Asset Finance (Car, Motorcycle, Boat & Commercial Finance) more than 6 years ago, it allows Lifestyle Finance Aus to offer a full finance service to our clients.

Meaning we are always looking for ways to save our client’s money and put them in the very best financial position with all their financing needs.

I work from the motto… ‘If it can be financed… We finance it!’

And finally, as I’m passionate about coaching and truly believe knowledge is power, the Lifestyle Finance Aus Team and I, do our very best to educate ALL our clients on the world of finance, so regardless of whether they choose to do business with us or not, they leave our conversations in a better place than where they started.

I’m acutely aware of how overwhelming and daunting Finance can be for some clients, so we like to make it really simple and easy. We hold our clients hand every step of the way to ensure they have a great experience and feel empowered throughout the process.

Laura Braga – QOO

Hey There, I’m Laura — your Queen of Operations at Lifestyle Finance Aus.

So here’s the scoop: I slid into Kelly’s DM’s, we became besties, and the rest is history. Who knew genuinely caring about someone could lead to an incredible friendship, lifetimes of fun, and a whole new language — finance!!

About nine years ago, I touched down in Australia after a decade of jet-setting to over 52 countries as a Flight Attendant. Yes, I was a Flight Attendant — Welcome on board this flight to Paradise, I mean Finance and all things cashflow.

Fast forward nine years, and I made a pivotal decision to surround myself with influential women. This choice opened incredible doors, allowing me to work behind the scenes with Influential Entrepreneurs, Global Coaching Schools, and extraordinary leaders — selling their high ticket offers with Finance.

What I LOVE about working at Lifestyle Finance is the opportunity to support incredible people like you. Let me show you how offering Finance can be the game-changer for both you and your clients. Just imagine your dream clients being able to work with you because your offerings are super affordable. Picture getting paid in full for your services from day one. In business, cashflow is King!!

I am here to support you to integrate finance into your business, and that means how to offer finance as the solution for your clients to pay for your services, working through any limiting beliefs you have around offering finance, receiving large sums of money and anything else that could be in the way of Finance changing your life, your business and your clients experience.

Roger Saheli – Finance & Insurance Specialist

Hi, I’m Roger Saheli and I have been in the Service Industry for 20+ years and in more recently times, finance.

I have always been someone who loves helping others. To watch someone, achieve something that you are a part of is one of the best feelings in the world. I especially love it when I can help someone realise their financial freedoms and dreams.

People carry so much stress in this area of their lives and I like to do my bit to take all of the ‘scary’ out of it and make the whole process a positive experience

Whether it be getting my clients a sensational deal on their car/bike/boat/home/personal loan, or helping them ease their tensions around money because I was able to help them with a refinance or debt consolidation.

I especially love working with all the leaders LFA support because I know together we are creating really positive change in the world.

And… When it comes to getting your deal across the line, I will do everything in my power to have your back and get the best possible result for you.

Jane Grieco – Finance & Insurance Specialist

Hi, I’m Jane 🙂

For over 25 years, my passion for helping others has driven my journey in finance, specialising in wealth creation and education. Transitioning to the coaching space, I take pride in understanding clients and their unique journeys toward realising dreams and goals with their amazing mentors and coaches.

I thrive on transforming the intimidating and fearful world of finance into a smooth and enjoyable experience. Finance, to me, is not just about numbers; it’s a personal journey about what you can achieve. That’s why I aligned myself with Lifestyle Finance, led by the amazing Kelly Bowen and her team. Their commitment to making positive changes in the world resonates with my values, and I love what they stand for.

In this collaborative venture, I believe in the transformative power of finance to shape lives. It’s immensely rewarding to witness individuals navigate this realm successfully and, ultimately, achieve their goals. For me, the joy lies in seeing the end result—a testament to the tangible impact on people’s lives and their journey toward financial fulfilment.

Let’s embark on this transformative journey together, where finance is not just a tool but a pathway to realising your aspirations

Ernest Jorda – Team Assistant

Hi, I’m Ernest, the Virtual Assistant at Lifestyle Finance Aus. I’ve been providing virtual assistance to businesses for more than 6 years – from customer care and social media management, to photo and video editing, administrative tasks, and anything where I can offer my best expertise.

You can always count on me to make a difference. It has always been my passion, and one of the best things I can do is provide assistance with my skills and experience. Helping someone lighten their workload boosts my morale and confidence. I love thinking about how I can be a part of their success in my own way. The feeling is ecstatic, and I am more than inspired to continue doing so.

I continue to find fulfilment in lending a helping hand, understanding that true success is not only measured by personal achievements but by the positive impact made on the lives of others. Looking towards the future, the commitment to making a difference remains a guiding principle, shaping a life story marked by compassion, service, and the belief that everyone has the power to contribute to a better world.