Finance For Coaches FAQ’s

Here are the answers to some of the most common questions I get asked by Coaches who are looking to add finance as their preferred payment method by their clients.

What are the Key Factors That Create Payments Within 72 Hours

How Quick Can I Set Up Finance For My Business?

What Interest Rates Will My Clients Pay With Finance?

What Happens If One Of My Clients Miss A Loan Payment?

Why More Coaches Are Choosing To Use Finance As Their Preferred Payment Method

The Best Part About Clients Using Finance To Pay You

How Do I Ask About My Clients Finance?

What Do The Clients Of Our Coaches Say About The Ease Of The Finance Process With Us?

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How Easy Is It For My Clients To Qualify For Finance?

Why Would My Client Choose To Pay Me With Finance?

What If My Coaching Client has Bad Credit or Defaults?

Hear From Our Coaches & The Difference Finance Has Made For Them

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Here's what some of our Business Partners have to say about using Lifestyle Finance for their customers.

“When I first started my coaching business, 90% of my clients opted for payment plans, while only 10% paid upfront. I could have a $100,000 sales month, but only $15,000 to $20,000 would actually come in. Cash flow was always a bit bumpy in the early stages, as there was so much to build and do. I knew that anything I could do to increase cash flow would make the journey easier.

Everything changed when we discovered Kelly’s financiers who could finance coaching packages. Within a couple of months, this made so much more cash flow available. At the time, I was doing promotional tours around Australia, and this enabled me to have $100K+ cash months instead of just sales months. I could then invest more into my team, infrastructure, and my own traveling and missions.

It was like night and day – a true quantum jump moment. If you want to experience a quantum leap in your business, finding a way to improve your cash flow is definitely one of those game-changing decisions.”

Gaby Kowalski

Founder of The Oneness Foundation and GK Global