Good Debt vs Bad Debt

What is good debt vs bad debt?

Being shamed for our debt has to STOP!

It’s the greatest CON of the modern-day world.

It does nothing but self-perpetuate itself and keeps you trapped playing small.

It has to STOP and it has to STOP NOW!!!!!

For so long we have been taught to be shameful about our debt and our credit cards…

And the most common belief I see is…

‘Debt is bad and you have to get it paid off as quickly as you can!’

Which isn’t necessarily true all the time. It’s a belief birthed out of scarcity that makes you feel contracted and limited around money.

In this video I talk about the difference between good debt that will set you FREE and help you create rapid growth and bad debt…

and how you can use good debt 10x your growth, personal development and business.

And if you find value is this, please feel free to share the love around.

Remember finance is your friend 🙂


Kelly ❤️

Live Life Now

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