Why Coaches Fail – The #1 Reason Coaching Businesses Fail. Is Your Business Falling Into the REVENUE TRAP?

The REVENUE TRAP is the glass ceiling I see so many profound, game changing thought leaders and coaches get stuck in, which is why coaches fail!

It’s the one thing that’s holding them back from really serving their Soul’s Mission at the highest and impacting those they are truly here to serve.

It’s causing their ideas to implementation to be slower than they would like…

It frustrates them to no end because their numbers look great on paper each month…

But their bank account balances aren’t reflecting what the numbers on paper say they should be…

And… If you get stuck in the Revenue Trap, it’s the #1 thing that can that can force you to your knees faster that you can say ‘transformation’

In this video I’ll explain exactly what the Revenue Trap is, how you can get out of it and start getting paid for your products and services in FULL, UP FRONT & from DAY 1.

If you’re curious to see if this applies to your business please click this link and let’s have a chat.


Kel ❤️ 🙂

Live Life Now!

Using LFA has revolutionised my business in many ways…

It’s allowed my clients access to my work sooner rather than later at an amount they can easily afford.

And… It’s helped me then use that money to invest in my own growth, skills and knowledge, so I can continue to deliver a world class service. 

So in my eyes finance is a win/win/win!! It’s a win for my clients, it’s a win for me and it’s a win for the expansion of the collective consciousness.

If you have a service based business and you’re not leveraging the benefits of finance, you should be!

Alex T Love

Business & Manifestation Coach, Alextripod.com

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